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Photocopier Pro 4.04

Turns printing and scanning devices into a copier setup
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Nico Cuppen Software
Combine the functionality of printing and scanning devices. Manage them simultaneously and control the output. The suite creates instant connection for remote copy creation on a printer which automatically reads data from your scanner and processes it.

Photocopier Pro is a virtual Xerox machine for your computer. Nico Cuppen Software has created this virtual Xerox machine to use as a real Xerox machine. But it requires a scanner and a printer. So if you have a scanner device to scan your documents or photos and a printer to print your documents and photos then Photocopier Pro can convert it or we can say it lets you use your scanner and printer devices as a photocopier or Xerox machine. By using Photocopier Pro you can use your computer as a photocopier or Xerox machine just as easily as a normal photocopier machine. One of the main extra advantages of this virtual photocopier is that you can use it as a color photocopier if you have a color printer normally all computer users has color printers. It is the cheapest solution for a color photocopier. Producing a copy of a document is just a 1-click task. Another great advantage of this photocopier is that you can see the preview of the scanner document or image before printing on the paper and you can also modify it according to your requirement, so it reduces the cost of mistakes. Scanner is not the limit of Photocopier Pro as it gives you full opportunity to use your other TWAIN devices like digital camera etc.

Manoj Goel
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  • Support many TWAIN devices like scanner and digital camera
  • Photocopy is just one click process
  • Support black, grayscale and color mode printing
  • Option to preview document before printing


  • Not a freeware
  • Printing cost is higher compared a normal photocopier
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